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Lagu Download di mp3. Lagu Download di - Lirik Lagu - share lagu favorit saya. Lagu Download mp3 gratis. In this video, I give you a Tour of the WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin and the Adminer WP Database Plugin which will both help you work with the MySQL Database that WordPress uses.

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I show you how to run SQL Queries on your database, How to Backup your WordPress Database, How to easily remove Shortcodes from your website and I also describe what each of the 12 default WordPress Database Tables are and what they do.

I also show you how to improve the performance of your WordPress Website by deleting old tables left over from WordPress Plugins you've deleted. Even though you may have deleted a WordPress Plugin, often there are still MySQL Database Tables left over that take up space and can cause performance issues on your website.

I also show you how to change content on your website via the database and even how to insert a new Admin User directly from the database without having to log into your website. This is one of the main reasons I recommend that you secure your web hosting account, web server, database and all other credentials for your online accounts because if a hacker gets access to your database, it doesn't matter what WordPress Security Plugins you're using.

Think of it like a bank that has the world's strongest Front Door and Safe Vault Door but the foundation can be easily penetrated or tunneled into.

By the end of the video, you will have a greater understanding of how the WordPress Database works and you will be introduced to two different ways of interacting with the database using either phpMyAdmin or the Adminer WP Database Plugin.

The 12 Default WordPress Database Tables are:

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