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Download Music Gratis mp3 gratis. I cover a segment "TRSI - Beams of Light" on the piano but actually played only at 60 bpm.

60 bpm is perfect to avoid mistakes and gives me time to think about further parts.

The original song was played at 132 bpm and the bass notes are in a complex pattern. It is impossible for a human to play exactly like the original song at 132 bpm.

So, I grabbed some tools from my workshop and started recording at 60 bpm and used a free software "Audacity" to amplify and raise the tempo to 132 bpm. However, I figured I could do better, so I raised the tempo to 160 bpm. And you are listening to the song faster than any human can play, faster than the original.

Here is a list of tools I used, most of which are free (I, individually did not pay for them but own it):
- Computer with "Audacity" (cost: free)
- Mixer (cost: free)
- Microphone (cost: free)
- Cables you see. (cost: less than a dollar)
- Oscilloscope and probes (cost: free)

So, you see you can kinda cheat in music for a few dollars.
Also, you really don't need the oscilloscope. I use it when I listen to music because I like seeing what I hear. And yes, I got it for free, don't ask how. :)

Later, I will perform the full song with my tools and hope to make it better. This performance was done with limited time on hand.

Thanks for watching.

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