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Tempat Download Lagu mp3 gratis. In this episode of SeedlyTV, we have Kenneth Lou, Co-Founder of Seedly who will be sharing some basics to help you increase your knowledge on personal finance! If you are looking to improve your personal finance, here's a video especially for you!

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You can check out what was covered here:
2:30-4:30-- Intro of Kenneth Lou, Co-founder of Seedly
4:45-6:25-- A simple money framework
6:30-7:50-- How should one allocate their salary?
7:52-16:30-- What is insurance?
16:30-22:40-- Basics to investments
22:48-26:45-- What are ETFs?
26:48-28:30-- Intro to Regular Savings plan/Dollar-Cost Averaging
28:34-29:40-- What are the tools to help me manage my personal finance?
29:45-38:30-- QnA with Kenneth
38:35-41:25-- What are bonds?
41:25- 55:50-- QnA with Kenneth
56:10-1:02:34-- Giveaway details. Terima kasih telah mengunjungi website kami untuk mendengar musik, bersenang-senang di sini. Tempat Download Lagu di mp3. Tempat Download Lagu di - Download Lagu Terbaru - share lagu favorit saya

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